• Free Format

    by Penzilla

    I'll be posting smaller self-contained projects when I feel like it here.

    treasure, Mystery

  • Sweet Scene

    by Drea Hatch

    www.sweet-scene.com Vol. 1: Truffles- Eleanor, a wild treatkind warrior, is really concerned about making her BFF's 18th birthday extra special. Wher...

    treasure, Action

  • Ocean Stars

    by Joakim Waller

    Tim Robbins, a young pirate, is stranded, because he pointed the cannon the wrong way and accidentally blew a hole in his Captains pirate ship, soon m...

    treasure, Comedy

  • TreasureHUNT!!

    by Rhonder

    **Complete!** Being a water mage in a dry climate is like being a fish out of water. But when a mysterious thief steals the town's most important t...

    treasure, Action, Fantasy

  • Space Hounds

    by Sarah Barra

    Part of the Arc Kingdom, the Space Hounds are the militia's guards and seekers branch. Follow their adventures in search of knowledge and treasure

    treasure, Science fiction

  • explo

    by pluto

    beach adventure is a thing now. fight like a girl.

    treasure, Fantasy

  • Kay The Wandering Catturn

    by Mr Cat

    Set in a fantasy themed realm it revolves around Kay and his adventures as he explores a forgotten country and the many mysteries it may hold. As he e...

    treasure, Fantasy

  • A Lore About Youre

    by semakcircle

    This is a story of three... no, four... uhm! We mean five... adventurers, who went on a quest and didn't write down their names as legend...

    treasure, Fantasy

  • Tapas Holiday Collab 2018

    by Tapas Community

    A Tapas Holiday Collaboration from 2018! Featuring: Pascal from Singularity Fault (Frixelkind) Alex from TreasureHUNT!!(Rhonder) Claudia Luna f...

    treasure, Slice of life

  • CrossRoads

    by Bryan Wong

    In a world where the only thing you can trust is the road you travel, adventure still blossoms. CrossRoads is being illustrated and written by Brya...

    treasure, Action

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