• The Changelings Sister

    by yondoloki

    -- Updates whenever I have the time. -- Rose's twin sister is kidnapped by a fairy and replaced by a doll. Rose is the only one who sees the differe...

    twin, Horror, Drama, Fantasy

  • Risou- tekina kappuru/ Perfect Couple

    by Raikon Kitsune

    (READ FROM RIGHT TO LEFT) 'One person is enough to turn everything upside down in the school.' Morishita Senna's entrance to high school proves that...

    twin, Romance

  • Two by Two

    by Jeff Baker

    Two by Two is about life with twins, parenting in general, and finding humor out of chaos.

    twin, Slice of life

  • Colorful Goth (girlXboy)

    by TL Shay

    Fairies are real, people! And that's just the tip of the iceberg! I'm just an eighteen-year-old girl trying my best to get through life with my twi...

    twin, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

  • Pot of Gold

    by NatashaBerlin

    When Mia Ishmael finally finds her long-lost twin, she and her good friend Aro leave everything behind so the two can be reunited, but when things tak...

    twin, Drama

  • Bat Country

    by fmaier89

    "…But our trip was different. It was a classic affirmation of everything right and true and decent in the national character. It was a gross, physical...

    twin, Drama

  • Forest of Werewolves

    by jenecaz

    A sad, attic girl goes to a magic school, discovers her long lost twin sister, and together they have to take down the werewolf uprising threatening t...

    twin, Fantasy

  • Double Self

    by nasxtye

    Ina is a timid girl who found herself in a parallel universe similar to her own. There she met someone with a completely different personality than he...

    twin, Mystery

  • Itsuki Twins

    by Daiesuki-san

    [New comic every SAT] An extrovert girl, an introvert brother. One is a student, one is a mangaka. They are Elly and Katsuo; the Itsuki Twins, sa...

    twin, Slice of life

  • Let's Chicken!

    by Elly Color

    Two baby chickens, Tybow and Smarty (who are twins), and their mother L.O.V.E take part of some silly situations. (")>

    twin, Comedy

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