• Another you Another World

    by Sunnafantasy

    [Indefinite Hiatus!!] [Slow-romance Bl] It's summer time. The time for relaxing, having fun, and no school!! During his stay at his family's su...

    two_worlds, BL

  • Paged Away

    by gleamiarts

    After discovering an unassuming book on an impromptu snack stop, Jamie and her friends are mistakenly transported into a world confined within the pag...

    two_worlds, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Grimm: defender of mankind

    by RileyNixx

    Meet Grimm, son of The Reaper. Yes THE Reaper, Death himself. Grimm is a fluke, a being born only thanks to a loophole. Barely growing into his titl...

    two_worlds, Fantasy, Comedy, Action

  • Who Are You?

    by kyummyjelly

    Writer Mia Park is kidnapped by a handsome group of characters from her novel. Together, they must save a world that was thought to be fictional but i...

    two_worlds, Fantasy

  • Never Leave Her

    by Noku

    A celebrity and an office worker. Lovers from two different worlds. The typical tale of a love forbidden and abhorred by those closest to them. In thi...

    two_worlds, Romance, Drama, Slice of life

  • Dawn of Warriors

    by storykings

    You've heard of the forbidden love between angels and demons, a story long repeated through fairytails. Alex and Chris were raised in such a story, al...

    two_worlds, Fantasy, Action