• This Fluffy Love

    by Papadamn

    There are delinquents in every school. Ashen is one of them. To make it worse, his father is a powerful politician, meaning he can get away from basic...

    uke, Romance, BL, Slice of life

  • Paranoia

    by Wiiolis

    Ryan is a graphic designer and artist. Talking with people and being social is a big deal for him. But one day he meets him.

    uke, Romance

  • Rabu RaBun Bun

    by Missyunfa

    A BL Pokemon fan-made comic revolving around the lives of Uaine and his waifu Sydney featuring how they meet, grow up and go on adventures together. W...

    uke, Slice of life

  • Dearest to me

    by Oneesama

    (Read from right to left ) Support me on my patreon (for NSFW contents) Shin is a nude model on twitter, He work at his friend cafe then he meet...

    uke, BL

  • Tamed (BL)

    by Sleepi

    Luke loathes alphas with all his heart and refuses to let his omega succumb to being mated to any, but what happens when the one thing he loathes turn...

    uke, BL

  • BL-Damaged Goods

    by Firebird

    A cop falls hard for a abused male prostitute he rescued.

    uke, BL

  • Homophobia Kawaii

    by Lance Frost

    A comic about false acceptance and some other anecdotes

    uke, BL

  • Usagi Galaxy

    by Apple Bee

    A story about a boy with two magical, male moms and the shenanigans they get up to day to day! [If you wanna support me, consider turning off ad bl...

    uke, Fantasy

  • Make it Right-BL

    by Firebird

    All Sam wants is someone that cares about him. All MinJoon wants is someone to take care of. They’re a prefect match. Except for one thing...

    uke, BL

  • Ella o yo

    by Toshizou

    Entre miradas los sentimientos se escapaban uno de ellos se atrevió a dar el primer paso, el género no fue un impedimento para el niño bonito y menos ...

    uke, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

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