• The Next Reaper

    by Deus Jet

    In a not too distant future, the world is a dark and gruesome place... What happens when the Watchers of our world abandon us? When Death is too old t...

    underworld, Fantasy

  • Underworld Flower

    by Choferry

    "I'll show you that even the most beautiful flower can bloom in the darkest place". A short retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth. A story abo...

    underworld, Romance, Drama

  • Tales from the tombstone

    by Count Woofenstein

    She is a mortal, he is a vampire. One fateful night, they became best friends. Together they'll meet unlikely people, visit the underworld, summon dem...

    underworld, Fantasy

  • Mnemosyne

    by kellerybird

    Have you ever wondered what happens to your memories after you die? Would you like to find out? Mnemosyne is an idea based around Greek mythol...

    underworld, Fantasy

  • RO'ze

    by xawien


    underworld, Drama

  • AGLA

    by Cardiovasque

    A deranged vagabond, a mischievous God of Magic, a Sky God trapped in the void, and a withered former God of the Sea —All intertwined in a twisted ens...

    underworld, Fantasy

  • Marcus' Prey

    by EpsilonAngel

    He was a disgrace, fallen from a once lofty peak to the depths of the pit. She was something pure, surrounded and corrupted by sin and misery. H...

    underworld, Romance

  • Dungeon Princess

    by GPS-Device

    Almezun is the youngest daughter of the King of The Underworld, and one of the strongest demons to ever walk the plains. She now finds herself fightin...

    underworld, Fantasy

  • Azure Ink

    by Rasp

    Kairi is an aspiring pilot living in a particularly crime ridden province near Tokyo. Can she touch the sky beyond or will she be consumed by the filt...

    underworld, GL, Action, Romance

  • Strong Desires

    by WeirdSpook

    to read from right to left :) Takara is a normal girl, good at school, live in a nice home... but the man who`s always close to her is Lucifer in p...

    underworld, Fantasy

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