• Birth of a Sin

    by Coda Languez

    Ira Dante, the head of the largest crime family in Monterose, is a bloodthirsty woman who wields powers that are beyond human. When she falls for Tris...

    vengeance, Action, Romance, Horror

  • Shadows of Aethera

    by jas

    Locked away for years in a lonely dungeon cell, all former prince Soren can think about is escape. When the shadows offer him their help, he accepts -...

    vengeance, Fantasy

  • Villain

    by Evoluzione

    -------Updated every Wednesday and Friday!------ PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE Gil Grimes, a former costumed criminal, was fresh out of pris...

    vengeance, Action

  • Jarzebiny

    by Jarzebiny

    Vezva's mother made a deal with the black-eyed god. Her child in return for the life of her dead beloved. But at the last minute, she changed her mind...

    vengeance, Fantasy

  • Beauty turned Beast

    by Yuzki

    Born a Nyphillie, one with thicker blood of the Fallens in her, Rowan Lockhart is one of the ‘Cursed’. Cornelius Darkwoods—A beast, a monster, the ...

    vengeance, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • Delilah, forever

    by queen.of.spades

    Delilah and Samson: one was cursed with immortality and the other belongs to the immortals. Both followed different paths but end up in the same city...

    vengeance, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • The Archaic System

    by Muigetsu

    A tragic life and a cruel death were all Troy experienced over his last ten years. However, he awoke to discover he had returned to when it all began....

    vengeance, Fantasy

  • Bloodbrand

    by Dane Celestia

    Avery, a newly graduated Black Knight begins the long journey ahaed. With memories of tragedy, untested wisdom and an ancient sword, how will this pla...

    vengeance, Fantasy

  • Edea Chronicles: Hero Summoning Conspiracy

    by Ruruci

    Volume 1: Enter Kazuya, a boy who never had any memories before his adolescent life. He was summoned to the world of Edea where in the final battle...

    vengeance, Fantasy


    by The Lump

    A telepathic moose uses his mind to murder humans in fun and creative ways.

    vengeance, Comedy

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