• Generation Y

    by Ayaluna

    Victim of bullies during his childhood, outraged by the inaction of adults, Yamato vows to protect the most vulnerable people from this sometimes crue...

    victim, Action

  • Blood Tie - Jeff and Liu

    by -Ame

    Liu has a little brother, Jeff. Being forced to live in the local mafia, whit a violent mother, their childhood will be over soon. After an accide...

    victim, Mystery

  • Sons of God

    by metalmiku

    Ordinary teenager's life will change after she notice, that Earth and all what will happen to it, also interest and intrigue to some others besides th...

    victim, Mystery

  • Interval of Trust

    by Maria Heller

    Mara struggles growing up in an abusive, impoverished family, with a violent alcoholic father and a neglectful mother. When her situation seems to be ...

    victim, Slice of life


    by Blogybo

    2014 - ??? A apocalyptic comic with rainbow zombies.. because green zombies are boring, and radiation can do that right... right!? The art style in ...

    victim, Drama

  • Fingerprints

    by Elysée

    !TW!- rape,trauma, depression! Dirty hands, everywhere on my body. Covering every inch of me. Bleeding skin from trying to wash him off. I failed ...

    victim, Drama, Horror, Slice of life

  • Strange Attraction

    by BrainScam

    Olivia Adams; a talented architect who never misses work, but always finds a way to make it thrilling, a needy woman without being so wanting, living ...

    victim, Romance

  • Fourth Precinct

    by JJcomiccreations

    When their friend is accused of murder two police officers must uncover the truth.

    victim, Mystery

  • Would You Care?

    by Alisa

    A poem about bullying and what it leads to. Disclaimer: This poem is just meant to bring the truth out. It is in no way meant to give ideas of ways...

    victim, Non-fiction, Drama, Slice of life

  • Traum Junge

    by hczhen

    "I love every version of you, my Dream Boy." Traum Junge is a story about a girl named Winter Rose who, in honor of her beloved and their memories...

    victim, Romance, Drama, Slice of life