• Ghost Eyes

    by Mr. Circus Papa

    Tobias Schneien is a boy of 15 who's been homeschooled his whole life until now. Raised in a church in the woods with his many siblings, tentative mot...

    violence, Horror, Drama

  • Purpurea Noxa

    by Vèna & Xele

    WARNING: Yaoi, R18, NSFW, Sex, Non-Con, Blood, Violence. So, you are warned :) Be sure that you want to continue to read our comic. Thank you! Bas...

    violence, BL, Fantasy

  • Idolon

    by Kiki

    A story about life, loss, and the love found in between. i·do·lon noun 1.an idealized person or thing 2.a false idea; fallacy Updates every ...

    violence, Drama

  • Guilty Pleasure

    by Paws

    A tale about troubled minds and dark desires. In this psychological drama two people, complete opposites, doesn't just meet. They crash and burn. C...

    violence, BL

  • Wolves&Sheep Remake

    by Mr. Heck

    An unknown man slowly uncovers the secret of the isolated town as he tries to save the last people left of his family.

    violence, Horror, Mystery, Science fiction

  • Blood Blue

    by ovicati

    Eyes as cold as ice, and in a voice so utterly devoid of emotion, the man - the demon - looked down on me and said: "From now on, you belong to me. Yo...

    violence, Drama

  • The Taking Season

    by Weslie

    It's been twelve years with no sign of Blaire's missing childhood friend...until now. Spirited away to a dark wonderland, she sees a face she's longe...

    violence, Fantasy, Romance

  • The Search for Henry Jekyll

    by MidoriLied

    The streets of 1891, London are plagued by an unidentified serial killer. While searching for an answer, Inspector Utterson fears all clues point to h...

    violence, Horror, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Martyrdom

    by Bunny Monster

    A series of horror stories revolving around Hosts, former humans possessed by demonic entities. Some say they are the escaped denizens of Hell, while ...

    violence, Horror

  • Things in Squares

    by Cale

    A conglomeration of comics that do not cater to a specific audience. Humor is violently varied. I welcome you all!

    violence, Comedy

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