• Guilty Pleasure

    by Paws

    A tale about troubled minds and dark desires. In this psychological drama two people, complete opposites, doesn't just meet. They crash and burn. C...

    violent, BL

  • The Search for Henry Jekyll

    by MidoriLied

    The streets of 1891, London are plagued by an unidentified serial killer. While searching for an answer, Inspector Utterson fears all clues point to h...

    violent, Horror, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Wingless: The Dovecote Princess

    by SHIROASA | S.A.

    A dark fantasy story about a girl named Ephelia who wants to be a knight. (NC-17) Updates Thursdays at 8:00am CST. (This is the censored version...

    violent, Fantasy


    by LEIKOI

    Due in part to the long since ended 3rd world war, the air has become a health hazard. Most of the population exposed to the raw environment has been ...

    violent, Romance, BL, Science fiction

  • Visitor

    by Crownwolf

    A mysterious dark creature enters a house beaten down in the snow and finds two bloody corpses. But what happened to these people? A 31 page one sh...

    violent, Mystery


    by Never

    at 99.8% of the population, superpowers are the norm. It's great for most people, but not so much for the remaining .2%, which is why the Underdogs, a...

    violent, Action

  • Shatter

    by xAlptraum

    <<Please read disclaimer @ bottom of description>> "Even when the world starts to shatter, we go on; unknowing, unrestrained, unwilling to chan...

    violent, Horror

  • Satan Ninja 198X

    by Dravian & Safron

    An (NSFW) action-comedy urban fantasy comic illustrated by Jessica Safron and written by Adam Dravian and Jessica Safron. It's inspired by radical 19...

    violent, Action

  • Mission Diversion

    by modrawmanga

    Dystopian Action Romance. A crashlanded spaceship forces a coldhearted bounty hunter to walk a journey of a thousand mile with his high-prized bounty,...

    violent, Romance, Action, Fantasy

  • This Is Not Romance

    by Gatobob

    A young man with anger problems and an awful friend ends up in possession of a weird necklace with an alien army girl inhabiting it. Various problems ...

    violent, Drama

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