• Shade of Arcana

    by cheezemate

    When the real world (and its dependence on Artificial Technology) is nearly destroyed by evil software, there is only one source of hope left for mank...

    virtual_reality, Action, Fantasy


    by wufargia

    Behind closed doors, Ruka's life is an unforgiving hell with his cruel, abusive uncle. With no way out, his closest friend offers an immersive virtual...

    virtual_reality, Drama, Gaming, Mystery

  • Drugs & Wires

    by Cryo & Io

    The year is 1995, and everything's gone wrong - especially for Dan, pissy misanthrope and recovering VR junkie, who's got a vicious worm in his headwa...

    virtual_reality, Science fiction

  • Magience

    by Faewild

    "Magience" was a new video game, one you could play while awake OR asleep thanks to an innovative headset. No one was quite sure the exact technology ...

    virtual_reality, Fantasy

  • Moon Valley

    by AniK

    Kaya is in her last year of high school when she suddenly has to go back to her old school. There she finds herself in a very uncomfortable situation....

    virtual_reality, Drama

  • Dreamspace (D&W Prequel)

    by Cryo & Io

    A story of virtual reality and addiction. Read animated version here: (Flashing GIF warning) http://dreamspace.nfshost.com/

    virtual_reality, Science fiction

  • Lover's Quest

    by Luna

    This is a litRPG novel with fantasy, romance, and slice-of-life elements. 21-year-old Emilia Hart has always found a way to escape reality through ...

    virtual_reality, Fantasy

  • Reset: DPS to Support?!

    by Tamaki Leon

    At the top of the food chain in the game "Spiritual Warriors", Hasegawa Zayden was renowned for his mastery of dealing high damage with his character ...

    virtual_reality, Fantasy, Comedy, Action

  • Next Lives: Soul Tamer [An LGBT+ LitRPG]

    by T.A.S.

    When Asterix dies it's only the beginning of a new story. Asterix is now Aster, the Half-Elf boy, orphaned in a magical world. The only problem is th...

    virtual_reality, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Action

  • Realms of Ishikaze

    by Dan Hess

    Meet Arashiko, Denki and Tabitabi, three players in one of the world's biggest online role playing games, Realms of Ishikaze! Here, everything is p...

    virtual_reality, Comedy

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