• Godfather World

    by Destiny Aitsuji

    In a world ruled by criminals, civilians live a shit life. A cook gets shot to death for saving a man's life and gets an audience with God. “Civili...

    virtualreality, Comedy, Action, Science fiction

  • Ascending Spires

    by creatureofgraphite

    In the virtual world of Spire, two types of creatures live in constant competition. Cravens incite turmoil and feed on the resulting negativity. Spi...

    virtualreality, Fantasy

  • Virtual or Reality

    by Digi-Writes

    Years ago a Senior student created a VR device called the VRSM (Virtual reality sleep mode) that lets you play games in your sleep for five hours at a...

    virtualreality, Slice of life

  • Dimension

    by aymansdiri96

    Jan, a texan high schooler so talented, yet so lazy, hated his dull monotonous life and wishes to escape it, just to find himself sucked into a VR MMO...

    virtualreality, Fantasy


    by Zurel

    A high school girl leading a privileged life. A young woman turned cyborg. They never knew the other existed but suddenly began having dreams of each ...

    virtualreality, Science fiction

  • Kingdoms Of Ventures

    by Mortz

    Kingdoms of Venture is an VRMassiveMultiplayerOnlineRPG Released to the world in 2049 where, our main protagonist "Shiro" excelled on playing at. He...

    virtualreality, Gaming