• Unravel DNA

    by Kyosein

    [READ RIGHT TO LEFT] A few years ago, a strange virus infected the half of the existing population, infecting them into an unusual kind of werewol...

    virus, Drama

  • Ophiuchus

    by Dreamcake

    Ophiuchus is a comic created by Natasha Tara Petrovic and Ali Leriger de la Plante. It follows the story of two robots and a skeleton as they make an ...

    virus, Fantasy

  • Heart Burn

    by R2ninjaturtle

    A fan-made prequel to the film Osmosis Jones, Heart Burn explores the backstory of the movie's villain, Thrax, through the eyes of Scarlette Cyte, a s...

    virus, Drama

  • The Resistance

    by AWA Studios

    A global disaster leaves hundreds of millions dead in its wake. Shortly after, a few thousand suddenly manifest superhuman powers. Are they harbingers...

    virus, Science fiction

  • Reap

    by KJ Tower

    THIS COMIC IS INCOMPLETE. It is one of my oldest works and was indefinitely suspended before since I lost the motivation to draw it. However, I decide...

    virus, Action

  • Road to the Remedy [Season 1]

    by MDArtCabin

    Two new pages every Monday and Friday at 3pm EST! Three non-human people live with their very human friend in a city where their mere existence is...

    virus, Drama, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • It Ends Here

    by Paolo Ramirez

    It Ends Here is a 'zombie' apocalyptic webcomics by Paolo Ramirez. It follows one man’s day to day routine a year after a global outbreak of the Helen...

    virus, Science fiction

  • Steel Horizon

    by Random-tan Studio

    It's been 700 years since the Great Plague. The new air is not suitable for breathing, the new animals are not like anything old. Humanity lives in gi...

    virus, Action, Science fiction

  • A Viral Medium

    by CollectiveDissonant

    Some aliens stumble upon an ancient game that can alter reality, but a faulty firewall leaves them high and dry before the adventure can begin. How do...

    virus, Science fiction

  • Virus Z

    by Georginger

    After a deadly disease was released into the world, altering the mind of anyone not strong enough to withstand it, only a few people remain to take ba...

    virus, Horror

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