• bastard comics

    by L. Fury

    If comics are my babies, these are the bastards.

    weed, Comedy

  • Cigarettes & Carrot Juice

    by WittA

    Cigarettes & Carrot Juice “An all girl gang rumbles with vampires, witches, and surf Nazis in 1980’s Santa Cruz.” A semi-weekly comic created by i...

    weed, Action


    by AokicAmoralis

    Comics about plants, nature (of reality?) and altered states of mind. Look at the world through the eyes of two unusual guys.

    weed, Mystery

  • INOA

    by Morgan V M

    Kai, a "merdude," has been running from his problems for years, until a young merboy washes up and into his life. Now its sink or swim, and Kai no lo...

    weed, Fantasy

  • Álbum de família

    by Morgana778

    Edgar e Abigail estão casados a quase trinta anos e após a saída de sua única filha de casa, resolvem fazer tudo aquilo que não puderam fazer quando j...

    weed, Slice of life

  • E.L.I.S.E.

    by Louis and Keeley

    It's 1975. Deep below Faucet, Oregon resides the world's best defense against all manner of cryptids and alien invaders. And by best, we mean "worst."...

    weed, Comedy

  • Two Minds

    by Naakaree

    Daddy Issues? CHECK, Mummy issues? CHECK, Low self-esteem? CHECK, Overthinking mind leading to insanity? CHECK Lizzy is your average teenager, n...

    weed, Drama

  • Divine Emissaries

    by Healer Esoteric

    When The Most High God creates a New Planet (Terra) he assigns its care to the Hands of "Fate". But when a group of Star gods split TERRA into two dim...

    weed, Action

  • LaidbackBob

    by ^Javaman^

    Though perhaps slightly skewed, peering through bloodshot, paranoid eyes. Laidback Bob is on many levels a reflection of myself. Over the years t...

    weed, Comedy

  • the psychedelic adventures of pan

    by jeckall

    pans lifestyle consists of drugs, ladies, and rock and roll. will this lead to his untimely demise?

    weed, Slice of life

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