• Thunderbird

    by linkenlog

    A girl, a centaur, and a powerful bird go on a quest to beat up some werewolves.

    western, Fantasy

  • Memento Mori

    by B. MacBride

    **UNDER RENOVATION** Deadbeat schoolmaster Marvin Schaeler sees his dead child wherever he goes. Traveling medium Dallas de los Rios claims to put ...

    western, Horror

  • Familiar

    by Bluu

    (please read right to left!) Caught in a life or death chase from a beast, Akigitsune is saved by a mysterious exorcist. With no home to return to, w...

    western, Drama

  • Patchwork# (complete)

    by YAA

    Short, morbid and completed left to right story! #Cupido wants to clean the city from criminals. So why not changing his appearance with them?#

    western, Horror

  • Jack Beloved

    by Max and David

    Born the son of a deserter, Sam is one of the Fettered: the lowest social caste in the Empire of Korveil. He is forbidden from marrying his beloved un...

    western, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Hotblood: Steel Book

    by toril

    A centaur in the Old West. Originally drawn 2013-2016, revised and updated for tapas.

    western, BL

  • Liar's Dice

    by [RED] & ☆flynn

    DISCLAIMER: This is a dead comic. It is up for posterity. Shiloh is our ongoing comic and the complete reboot of this one. It's not necessary (and pro...

    western, Mystery

  • Dragondove

    by les valiant

    An adventure-romance gay-action fantasy-western with a diverse cast and lots of dragons. Updates every Tuesday.

    western, Fantasy

  • Cole and Anya

    by Big.Papi

    Set in the American west, two friends remember a bond stronger than hate. WARNING/DISCALMER: This comic will have gay scenes, offensive language, a...

    western, BL

  • Rico Rabbit

    by pastghost

    In the Wild West, full of danger and people with mysterious powers around, what can Rico do to become stronger and survive in this world? Updates e...

    western, Fantasy

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