by Paige Critchlow

    [UPDATES EVERY OTHER TUESDAY] To stop an incoming threat, mankind created several new subspecies of human, some even with supernatural abilities. Deca...

    worldbuilding, Action, Drama, Science fiction

  • Desendi

    by Crispy-Ghee

    Now Updating Every Wednesday! The search for a missing hero leads a young warrior into the shadows of a haunted forest, where she encounters beasts...

    worldbuilding, Fantasy

  • The Legendary Hero's Brother

    by V. Blaire Hawthorne

    There's a lot of legendary figures in the world; heroes are abundant creatures, but nobody cares about their brothers. In the magical continent cal...

    worldbuilding, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Horror

  • Her Golemancer Girlfriend

    by Thedude3445

    The dazzling, high-tech city of Fleettwixt is the jewel of the North Sunwell Company's colonial empire. Its vast dungeons vanquished by the Great Hero...

    worldbuilding, GL, Fantasy, Action

  • Talipandas

    by Manyana Hobbit

    When spoiled rich girl Ari's life ends, she finds herself reborn as Princess Iris in a fantasy world created by her childhood imaginary friend! But be...

    worldbuilding, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of life

  • Aegis

    by Hexigate

    On the mythical world of Mylur, Samrose Reese—a detective for the peace-keeping organization of Aegis—is tasked to find a fellow agent gone missing. I...

    worldbuilding, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy

  • These Violent Delights

    by jiemae

    Legion commander to the Fairel Empire’s imperial army, Vadim Lièvremont needs a body double for the crown prince and it just so happens that the irrit...

    worldbuilding, BL

  • Vattu

    by Evan Dahm

    A fantasy epic following Vattu, a member of a nomadic culture, and her involvement with a conquering empire. Set in an invented world full of strange ...

    worldbuilding, Drama, Fantasy

  • Runner

    by JC Mraz

    Mana wells power society into its technological age but their reach is limited. Runners are the trained couriers that transport important packages and...

    worldbuilding, Action, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Godchain

    by AutumnAdmiral

    Long ago, in an era where myth and history were one, mankind prayed to the Gods above for power. The Gods answered by striking an accord, one that all...

    worldbuilding, Action, Drama, Fantasy

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