• The Castle on the Edge of Night

    by Ro

    Every year, when the bell tolls for the New Year Roxanne hides in fear for the Night King comes to take away someone from the village. When her mother...

    worlds, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery

  • Worlds Edge

    by Eselci

    When the gateway to other worlds appears to be open for the first time in over a decade, Tea enters in an attempt to find her sister who has not retur...

    worlds, Fantasy

  • The Wizard's Journeys

    by N.T.A. crew

    Here is the story about a man, for whom returning to his home world has become his life's purpose. Endlessly wandering through foreign lands, passing ...

    worlds, Drama, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Obscured Descent

    by Feza

    Updates on Saturdays @ 10:30AM EST Feza, a lax and reluctant ferret, is thrown into a magical world by a world-hopping being in the hopes that she'...

    worlds, Action, Fantasy


    by Carlton Isaac

    Storms of War sweeping across their world, five people find themselves facing challenges undreamed of. A rabbit hunter, a baker’s daughter, a giant ...

    worlds, Fantasy, Action, Romance

  • Parallel Rift

    by Aminirus

    What should have been an easy performance at a curious appearing academy turns into a show of beasts and magic, is only the start of a mystery of a ma...

    worlds, Fantasy

  • Legends of Yggdrasil

    by Alwine

    Sarah runs for her life, on a cold winter night, to escape the men sent by her father to kill her. It's at that moment, when she swears to dedicate th...

    worlds, Fantasy

  • Clocks

    by Peepoland

    Caleb Clockworth is the last surviving Clock eater of his family's lineage with the Newly set up government “The council” having been caused after the...

    worlds, Fantasy

  • Xiang

    by eliushi

    Project Xiang is the first part series of three and it tells the story of a young man and a child who are lost in Keyspace, an alternate dimension lea...

    worlds, Fantasy

  • Dying light

    by TwistedLunatic

    Dante, this right hand man to the king of hell, finds himself in guit a pickel. The knig is gone off exploring the many world and in his appearance so...

    worlds, Action

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