• Vertigo's Fun Land

    by mutatedeye

    What happens when your entire reality twists around you and you come to realize that there is much more to your exsistence? Explore the Void throu...

    yellow, Horror, Action, Mystery

  • The Boy in Yellow

    by mlty

    UPDATES EVERY MONDAY: Yellow focuses on the story of Jeffery Owens: The son of Wellwater High's headmaster and the brother of the most popular girl...

    yellow, Romance, BL, LGBTQ+

  • BLUE

    by Shellzki

    BLUE is an eclectic non-sequential web-comic with a naivety that hides a dark, adult core, dealing with mental health issues, death, forgiveness, drug...

    yellow, Romance

  • Blue Life

    by Jens Richard

    Blue is an odd stick figure trying to fit in his own world. Blue Life is a unique and cute fourth wall braking webcomic that never takes itself too s...

    yellow, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Yellow Monkey

    by Deleon Stu

    Sapoti, ao abrir um saco de xilito(salgadinho de milho), encontrou Ypsilone, um macaco místico que tem a missão de aniquilar a vida terrena. Ela pode ...

    yellow, Comedy

  • Bullshit at Mamaks

    by Alice

    Just your ordinary artist trying to get through life trying to not embarrass herself, but somehow failing always. Sometimes sad, but mostly just happy...

    yellow, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Daemons Venatus

    by 4U Comics

    Five young adults are pulled into an alternate reality and are forced to survive amongst its gruelling environment. 4UComics takes you into the world ...

    yellow, Fantasy

  • Children of Atlantis

    by SamueruSama

    20 years old Prune finds a strange pendant in her deceased grand-mother's house. She then notices that it gives her the ability to move objects withou...

    yellow, Science fiction

  • Schor-Whoo The Raptor Pack

    by Wrathion

    The Schor-Whoo is a rare Unknown velociraptor species. 5 in all Meet, Blue, the Mysterious and powerful Alpha. She's fun loving and kind, but is hi...

    yellow, Comedy

  • Black cat: Luck in bad luck

    by Paulo Kielwagen

    There is a universe among the shadows where black cats move freely. A reality beyond light and human eyes. Bad luck is a game and luck can take your 7...

    yellow, Mystery, Comedy, Fantasy

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