• Fire and Ice

    by katelynmwhite

    Stuck up, moody, and major figure skating talent, Scarlett James, finds herself falling, literally, over and for Graham Ryan - star hockey player and ...

    youngadult, Romance

  • The Wings of Storm

    by Draphy

    Tahro Akagi shouldn't live in two worlds at once. Yet forced to spend his days studying by a no-nonsense mother, he longs for adventure. Tahro's s...

    youngadult, Fantasy

  • In Bloom

    by Harveston

    Every human that I've come in contact with looked like a blank canvas. Yet, when I'm with Donovan, I see a spectrum of colors. A canvas that's already...

    youngadult, LGBTQ+, Romance, Slice of life

  • Lusus Naturae

    by Pchan

    9th October: A mysterious test subject called the Lusus Naturae escapes from a governmental lab in the village of Kelt 18th October: Five school chil...

    youngadult, Fantasy

  • Smile, Baby

    by Bylunarose

    Quinn was born gifted and her mom knew she was meant to be a star, so she did everything to get Quinn the spotlight she deserved. A spotlight that...

    youngadult, Drama, Slice of life

  • Labda

    by njengaian18

    Boy. Girl. Now? Then. When? If. Ever? Never? Today? Tomorrow? Sure? Labda.

    youngadult, Science fiction, Mystery, Slice of life

  • New Avalon

    by herbolingoldm

    A city floats in the sky. People with supernatural abilities, different monstrosities. Five individuals. Born with dark pasts, reborn as catalysts...

    youngadult, Fantasy

  • From Conundrums to Kisses

    by Fondness_Fantasies

    Teagan's beloved family bakery is struggling, and her fear of taking risks has them losing more customers by the day. Enter Colton, a guy who is st...

    youngadult, Comedy, Romance, Slice of life

  • Sinshei

    by ValeG

    Ekam and Risuke. They don't know each other but they both have godly powers. Guess what will happen when they meet... (Find the artis...

    youngadult, Fantasy

  • Satomi

    by gemthomasauthor

    Monday through Friday, Satomi works for the highly bureaucratic CoPet Corporation. She's the only girl in the male-dominated department of Lizard Chil...

    youngadults, Science fiction

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