About Tapas

We're a small team who loves storytellers

Our story

The Harry Potter brand, anchored by the best selling book series in history and believed to be worth well over $15 billion, all began as one person's whimsical imaginings during an afternoon train ride.

It's stories like these that fascinate us — one person's story changing the world. There are many more stories waiting to be discovered, and at Tapas Media, we want to help your imagination take flight. We're here to help storytellers publish their work, build fan communities, and earn rewards from their creative labor.

If you have a story to tell, let Tapas Media help you share it with the world.

Meet the team

  • Chang Kim

    CEO + Founder

  • Yoon Kim

    Chief Architect

  • Daron Akira Hall

    Chief Product Officer

  • Michael Son

    Director of Content

  • HY Kim

    Software Engineer

  • Suzy Kim

    iOS Engineer

  • Thomas Song

    Android Engineer

  • Adrienne Horsley

    VP of Content

  • Josh Bakken

    Sr. Director of Growth

  • Jessica Sanchez

    Content Ops Manager

  • Gabby Luu

    Director of Content

  • Sujin Yim

    Software Developer

  • Mino Kim

    UX Designer

  • Tapamon

    Brand Ambassdor

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