• [Tapas Insider] Your 2021 Isekai (Chance to win 5,000 bonus ink!)

    Jan 08, 2021

Happy New Year!

Thank you for spending the past year with us at Tapas! We all know that reading comics and novels has the ability to transport us into new and exciting worlds. It is precisely for this reason that Isekai is so popular, as it allows us to get a glimpse into fantastical situations. What exactly is Isekai? Isekai is a subgenre of fantasy in which a character is transported into another world or time period.

Now that you’ve learnt about Isekai, we’ll tell you a secret! We’ve built a magical door that can transport you into the world of any Tapas series for the entire year! Come join Tapas Staff for a world of adventures in our [Tapas Insider] Your 2021 Isekai in which we answer which world we’d like to transport into. Perhaps you will find a new comic or novel to read along the way!

Want a chance to win 5,000 bonus ink? Tell us which world from any Tapas series you would like to spend 2021 in and why! Post your reply on our forum thread here OR Instagram post here OR Twitter post here by January 20th, 11:59 PM PDT for a chance to be one of TEN lucky winners of 5,000 bonus ink! (Rules: 1 submission per person. The submission period will end on 01/20/2021 at 11:59 PM PDT. Winners will be notified via PM on our forums, Instagram, or Twitter or by 01/26/2021.)

Anna (Content Ops Intern) 

I would definitely pick the world of 50 Tea Recipes from the Duchess! I love tea and I think I would be able to carry out those amazing tea parties that Chloé Battenberg hosts! Plus, there's less of the I fear for my life kind of thing (I would cry if I ended up in Villains are Destined to Die), and an awesome (and hot?) husband.

Meghan (Associate Editor, Comics) 

I would love to wake up in the wacky and wonderful world of FalseKnees! I love the way that this creator uses the beautiful natural world to emphasize the ridiculousness of the human world. Going on long walks and appreciating nature has been such a comfort to me for the past year, and this comic unites that with a sense of humor that hits me just right. The detailed artwork combined with quippy one-liners and jokes makes me look forward to each episode update. Best of all, each episode is a stand-alone, so you can start reading wherever the wind takes you! (But be careful--as the FalseKnees birds know, the wind can be very addicting!) 

Claire (Assistant Editor)

Drop me right into the world of Cupido!! Wow, who's my soulmate? Is my soulmate mark maybe a giant fly on my head? Is it a pair of insect wings? Why am I thinking about insects, and is my soulmate thinking about insects, too? 

Stephanie (Content Acquisition Manager)

The Selkie's Skin!  I'd love to have the same energy as this crab

Tessa (Editor)

Glacias! Dragons, adventure, wholesome sidekicks and butt-kicking ladies - need I say more? I feel like I've been immersed in this world since I first started reading!

Kristianna (Translation Team Lead, Localization)

The Librarian of St. Bright's Tower because I've always fantasized about becoming a bibliothecary (a fancy word for librarian I learned in 2nd grade & have never had a legit chance to use until now :) Lest you think I'm just a hopeless bookworm, wait. THIS library is NOT just a repository of grand old books, it's a keeper of secrets, a portal to a world of political intrigue where dangers lurk in every corner, yet you keep soldiering on for the promise of adventure and... magic that awaits you. 

Isabell (Creator Happiness Manager)

Hmmm I'm going to be very selfishly answer that I would want to wake up in my own series' world (Queen of Gods), but ONLY if I'm a sorcerer, because they live a very cushy, comfortable life, are usually royals or very rich AND can do magic. I mean, duh, easy choice!

Aside of that I'm also really interested in the world of The White Queen, because the heroine owns a puppy with wings! It would be amazing to have a pet like that, although it could cause so much trouble and eat all the food from the counter just by flapping it's wings. If it grows large enough, you could even sit on it's back and fly around! The benefits definitely outweigh the downsides of losing some food... ;D