• New Tapas Dashboard Updates

    Feb 09, 2021

Hello, Tapastry Community!

For many years, the Tapas Dashboard has been essential in your routine as a creator, providing you with your series’ daily stats, allowing you to upload new episodes, and so much more. 

Well, hold on to your pens, tablets, and keyboards! We are excited to announce the new Tapas Dashboard, which will be launching later this month! Keep reading for a preview of what’s going to change and what features you can look forward to!

A fresh new look!

After our desktop site update last year, our Tapas Dashboard is following suit, and will now feature a matching, updated design and streamlined navigation. All the previous functionalities of our current dashboard are still going to be available, but now it will have so much more!

Your series and revenue overview

Your individual series’ performance overview

Reordering episodes and saving drafts

Due to high demand, you will now be able to change the order of your existing episodes, allowing for easy updates to your series after the fact! Additionally you can now create drafts of your new episodes, so you can complete and schedule your future updates at a later date.