• Tapas Treasure Hunt 🗺️🗝️

    Aug 09, 2021

Why is it so hard to find a pirate’s buried treasure? Because it’s a sea-cret! 

Come join us for the Tapas Treasure Hunt to earn Ink! There are 1000+ prizes waiting!



We will release a collection of series every day for four days! Some of these series have hidden treasure chests at the bottom of their first episode. These treasure chests will be accompanied by a question that you must answer in the episode’s comment section to qualify for Ink prizes. The more treasure you find, the more raffle tickets you can obtain to win more Ink!

Event Dates

This event will start on August 10 at 1 PM PST and end on August 14 at 11:59 PM PST.

New collections will be up around 12 AM PST daily.

August 10 - Collection 1

August 11 - Collection 2

August 12 - Collection 3

August 13 - Collection 4

August 14 - Catch up day!

How to Participate

We’ll be featuring a collection on the homepage of the Tapas website and app in the form of a banner which will appear like this:

You can participate by looking for treasure chests within the collections’ series. Treasure chests will only appear at the bottom of the first episode. Not every series featured will contain treasure, so you'll have to visit all series to find them!

Once you find a treasure chest, you’ll notice that it is paired with a question. To participate, you’ll need to answer that question in the comment section. Here is an example:

A new collection will be posted daily for four days, so make sure to check daily! Additionally, we will conclude the event with a final catch-up day on August 14th, where all collections will be presented. This will be your last chance to search through the previous four collections to try and find as many treasure chests as possible!


1000 raffle tickets will be randomly drawn. Participants can win 500 bonus Ink* for each raffle ticket.

Each chest found by answering a question counts as one raffle ticket! You can win multiple times, so comment on as many series as possible to increase your chances of winning more bonus Ink! (Only 1 comment entry per qualified series counts as a raffle ticket.)

Grand Prizes

Five participants with the highest treasure chest ranks will win the following grand prizes of Ink**:

1st Place: 50,000

2nd Place: 40,000

3rd Place: 30,000

4th Place: 20,000

5th Place: 10,000

Note: Only comments made within the event period will be eligible for prizes. In case of any ties for the grand prizes, we will select the winners based on who found the chests first. 

*Bonus Ink: Can only be used to purchase episodes from premium series

**Ink: Regular Ink can be used to purchase episodes from premium series AND directly support creators using the 'Support' button

All prizes will be sent by 8/20/2021