• Tapas Community Creator Fund & Discord

    Aug 23, 2021

The Tapas Community Team is excited to announce the launch of the Tapas Community Discord and Tapas Community Creator Fund! Please read the entire article to learn more about our brand new initiative to give back to the community.

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About the Tapas Community Creator Fund

The Tapas Community Creator Fund is a $20,000 fund that we’re dedicating to giving back to our active creators each year. Each month, creators involved in the Tapas Community will have a chance to receive funding.

To give back to our amazing community in tangible ways, we created this fund with our creators in mind and wanting to always encourage them to keep up their hard work.

The Tapas Community Team will reach out to creators based on:

  • Being an active member of the Tapas Community through our Discord server.

  • Participating in the various creator & community events the server will hold.

  • Fostering a positive, inclusive community within Tapas Community.

The Tapas Community Team will also take into consideration creators' dedication to our community while maintaining and showing clear passion for their own series or published work on Tapas.

Eligibility Requirements for the Tapas Community Creator Fund

In order to receive the Tapas Community Creator Fund, a creator must meet all eligibility requirements contained in the law under which we operate, and must meet all requirements set by Tapas Media Inc.

The law under which this program operates defines creator eligibility as follows:

  • Must be an active member of the Tapas Community Discord server

  • Must have published at least 3 episodes or chapters of webcomics or webnovels respectively on Tapas

  • Cannot be a Tapas employee or friend and family of employees

The Tapas Community Creator Fund will be paid as Ink donation via the Tapas Support feature. We may unlock the Support feature for you if you have not yet reached the minimum subscriber count but are otherwise eligible to participate. 

When the Tapas team selects beneficiaries of the funds, the team sends a Tapas Community Creator Fund Agreement for execution by the creator or their legal guardian.

Hope to see you around on our Discord!