• Introducing Tapas Community!

    Nov 11, 2021

Introducing Tapas Community! 

Hello, Creators & Readers!

We are excited to introduce Tapas Community a new name for the diverse creator community on Tapas and a new space on the Tapas app that will feature community creator webcomics and webnovels.

This dedicated tab on the app will give Tapas readers more visibility and access to the amazing and ever growing catalog of community-creator stories by showcasing genre collections, featured series, community related events, and more!

Tapas Community is now live across iOS and Android and will be available on the web in the coming months. Update your app now to discover and create with Tapas Community, and be sure to follow @tapascommunity for regular updates!  

We are excited to introduce the Tapas Community tab to showcase our commitment to promoting and growing our amazing creators. To learn more about how to navigate the new Tapas Community tab, please read our Help Desk article!

Tapas Community Team