• Tapas Originals Announcement

    Feb 28, 2022

 Tapas Originals Announcement

February 2022

We’re excited and proud to announce that the following series created by Tapas Community members are joining us as Tapas Originals! Subscribe to them today to be the first to see the new and improved series!

Watch for more announcements like this in the future. Your favorite Community series might be next!


By Son M & Sam C.

Drama, Action - Available Now!

Four recent college graduates realize their lives are coming to a dead end. Together, they get into the business of scaring people, but just like most bad ideas, things go terribly.

Enjoy the Show!

By Jenna A. & Erin Huish

Drama, Romance, Comedy - Available Now!

Violet, seeking a new, independent life, flees her hometown for the flashy lights of Las Vegas. Hoping to find herself, she instead finds a part time job full of quirky co-workers, cranky customers and... romance?

Brush Stroke

By Emma Kubert

Slice-of-Life, Romance - Available Now!

Struggling painter May Collins takes a job at her estranged mother’s art supply store, only to find she’s been replaced by a step-father, step-sister, and a cast of wacky employees--including the handsome Devon, who is determined to connect with Mai no matter how deep her depression is.

Hard Lacquer

By Amelia Allore

Action, Romance - Available Now!

Claire Belmonte is an influencer-turned-vigilante. Robin Huong is her reluctant bodyguard who’s just trying to make it to her next paycheck in one piece. Together they’re taking down a multimillion dollar crime syndicate—if they don’t end up killing each other first.

Lucid Memories

By Meganebii

Drama, Mystery - Available Now!

Mason has lost all memories of his life. However, that begins to change when a mysterious man appears in his dreams and insists he play a series of game shows to recover his memories. With his help, will Mason regain his identity, or is the dream man less truthful than he claims to be...?

Jewel of the Sea

By Gau Meo

Romance, Fantasy - Available Now!

A young mermaid, injured and lost, is captured by a ship. Instead of killing her as they would a siren, its handsome captain allows her to stay and protects her from the sea and his own crew until she can heal. As the days go on, the two are drawn together, but will their opposing worlds keep them apart?


By Lady Nefertiti

Romance, Drama, Fantasy - Available Now!

Dante has always been odd. She’s covered in tatts, has an obsession with movies, and just so happens to remember her past life. While trying to piece together the events of her history, she bumps into the mysterious Virgil, her soulmate reincarnated.

Iris Complex

By Josh Tierney & Cassio Ribeiro & Caitlin Soliman

Mystery, Horror - Available Now!

Iris wakes up in a large field of yellowing grass. She doesn’t know who she is or how she got here. Surrounding the field are roads, and past the roads are five apartment buildings of different shapes and sizes, one of them currently under construction. Iris checks her backpack and finds a ring of five keys, again of different shapes and sizes. Alone and with no cellphone, Iris decides to head to the nearest apartment building to see if one of the keys will open it.

Tomahawk Angel

By Mangaka Ody

Action, Science Fiction - Available Now!

The world is overrun by monsters and humanity's last hope is a mysterious female super-soldier...if she can remember who she is!