• Tapas Merch Shop

    Mar 15, 2022

Tapas Merch Shop

What is the Tapas Merch Shop?

Tapas Merch Shop is a one-stop destination on the Tapas website to shop for merchandise designed by your favorite creators! Each creator has their own unique storefront, where you can purchase merch to support these creators directly. We first invited 50 selected creators to launch their storefronts, and you can purchase their merch now! 

Read more about the Tapas Merch Shop in our Tapas Merch Shop Policies.

How do I open up a storefront as a creator?

Are you a creator and interested in launching your own storefront with us in the future? Stay tuned by joining our official Tapas Community Discord server to learn more about updates regarding launching storefronts. We will be opening up storefronts for more creators soon!