• Creators, #Inksgiving2022 is Coming! Nov 21st-23rd

    Oct 24, 2022

It’s the time of the year again! Inksgiving, our annual event where your readers are incentivized to support you with Ink, is right around the corner. The team at Tapas would like to invite you to make an announcement episode and social media posts for Inksgiving, if you’re up for it! We want to ensure that all your readers are aware of the event and support you as much as possible - Tapas makes no money with Inksgiving, all proceeds go straight to you!

This year’s Inksgiving will be held: Monday, November 21st at 3pm PT to Wednesday, November 23rd 3pm PT.

To make your life easier, we are sending you a small support package! It contains the following:

Announcement Episode Template: We know that making announcements for Inksgiving is a lot of work, so we made one for you! You can use it as is, swap out our artwork with yours or use some of the text we provided - do as you like, the template is yours to play with! 

Social Media Posts Template: Just like with the announcement episode, we’ve prepared templates for social media! Use it as is or exchange the artwork with your own!

Tips and Tricks Guide:
 Many creators can earn a good amount of Ink during the event, and there are many ways to engage with your readers. We’ve put together a sheet full of fun and simple ideas that you can use during Inksgiving in order to engage with your readers even more!

Here are the templates! Folder Link

Please start sharing your announcements with your readers starting Wednesday, November 16th! Use #Inksgiving2022 if you post on social media, so we can find your posts and share some of them with the community. When you begin sharing with your readers Inksgiving is coming, please remind them to begin donating Ink during the event time frame (any Ink donated outside of the event duration will NOT contribute towards the overall Ink goal!). 

Additionally, please join our Discord ( to participate in various community events we are hosting to celebrate Inksgiving! This includes giveaways and early support unlock for new creators!

We hope you enjoy this year's Inksgiving!

Team Tapas