• Content Guidelines Update: AI generated artwork

    Jan 23, 2023

Dear Creators,

Due to your increased interest and concern regarding artwork and content created by AI generators, we have reviewed our Content Guidelines and clarified them based on our findings.

As of 01/23/2023, AI generated content is not allowed to be posted on Tapas. This includes comic and novel episodes, covers and banners. Please remove any AI generated content you have already posted by 02/06/2023 to avoid penalties against your account in the future.

What are the reasons?

While copyright law around AI is still evolving and can change with time, we follow the current interpretation of copyright law, which requires artwork to be generated by a human being to be able to receive copyright protection. 

Additionally, AI generators use existing artwork, often without proper licensing, to train and generate new AI works. These may be considered unauthorized derivatives of existing work and could infringe on another artist’s copyright.

As per our Terms of Service, you must own or have the necessary rights to publish content on Tapas, and you can’t infringe on any copyright of another person with the content you post (see Terms of Service - Your Content and Conduct). 

Protecting creator’s rights while also supporting creative freedom is important to us. We will continue to review our content guidelines regularly to be up to date with changes in law and creator/author sentiment on AI generated content. Feel free to share your thoughts with us anytime at!


Team Tapas