• Episode price adjustments

    Mar 27, 2023

Dear reader, 

Starting this year, you will see an increase in the per episode price for some of our series from 375 Ink (300 Ink with 1-Tap) to 450 Ink (360 Ink with 1-Tap). The price increase will affect all new series from 04/01 forward. It may affect some of our existing titles on a case by case basis. Any price changes will be announced on individual series pages.

Why is this change happening?

When purchasing an episode on Tapas, you are directly supporting creators from all around the world and the production of new, amazing series by up and coming talent. While we hesitate to increase prices on Tapas and haven’t done so for many years prior to 2023, inflation and rising costs make it necessary to ensure fair wages for our creators and partners, while also providing you with the best service possible.

Your Ink drops are supporting us to:

  • Bring new, high quality comics and novels to our platform

  • Expand our mature content library 

  • Invest in up and coming talent from our community

  • Continue to provide high quality localizations of beloved titles

  • Continue to improve our apps and web service for you

How you can continue to read for FREE on Tapas!

While we are one of the lowest priced webcomic services in the US and continue to be, we understand that a price increase may not be welcome news. This is why we will continue to provide different ways to make reading on Tapas for FREE possible!

You can:

  • Unlock free episodes with WUF (Wait Until Free) for most of our premium series, with wait timers as short as 3 hours

  • Read thousands of completely free comics and novels created by our community - check out the Community Tab for recommendations

  • Earn thousands of Ink without spending money by completing offers, taking surveys or watching ads - check out our offer wall in the Free Ink section, located in “More” on your app

  • Participate in our many events to earn free Bonus Ink - check out your Inbox to see all ongoing offers

Additionally, we will continue to provide Ink monthly sales to get you the best deal possible. The next Ink sale will happen from 04/21 - 04/23. 

Reach out!

Do you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this update? Please reach out to us anytime at!

Thank you so much for your continued support!

Happy reading,

Team Tapas