• Mermay Creative Challenge

    Apr 10, 2023

If your OC was a mermaid what would they be? Share with us your OCs transformation in drawing and writing challenges for this upcoming Mermay.

Mermay Art Challenge
For the 
Mermay Art Challenge, creators will have the chance for their art and series featured on the Tapas Community Tab and on Tapas Community socials!

How to Participate:
1. Draw what your original character would look like as a mermaid 
using the template linked here!
2. Share a PNG of your character(s) as a mermaid and before they were a mermaid on our Discord in 
3. Share a link to your series and your Creator Name on our Discord in 

Mermay Writing Challenge
For the 
Mermay Writing Challenge, writers will have the chance to be featured in a collection and in our Featured Novels section on Tapas.

How to Participate:
1. Write a story for the weekly prompts listed on our Discord.
2. Share your final writing in 
#mermay-writing on our Discord!

Although not everyone will be featured please use 
#mermay-art & #Mermay-writing on Discord to celebrate your amazing work!

Happy creating,
Team Tapas