• Relax and Create

    Sep 25, 2023

Take a break and create with the community! Join us for a period of relaxation with these creator activities!

Drawing Activity:

How to Participate:

1. Join the artboard using the link here: 

2. Draw anything that relaxes you! Example: This can be anything from your characters relaxing or a peaceful environment!

3. Share any ideas or sketches in #events on Discord!

****The art board is open TODAY until October 13th, 6 PM PT.****

Writing Activity:

How to Participate

1. Write about the prompt listed below in #relax-and-create on Discord.

2. Share any progress or ideas with fellow creators in #relax-and-create on Discord!

Writing Prompt: Write about a relaxing scene, whether it be a tranquil meadow or your characters sitting back and drinking tea. Write about anything that feels relaxing to you!

Take a moment to take a break and create something for YOU! 💛

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