• Thank You For 49 Million Ink Support for This Year’s Inksgiving 2023!

    Nov 22, 2023

Inksgiving 2023 is officially over! Thank you, Tapas Community, for coming together and helping us reach our goal! 40 million Ink was supported in a little under 33 hours. See our final Inksgiving stats here!

As promised, we’ll be gifting back 20% of all Ink contributed towards Support during the event! If you supported one or more creators between November 20 at 3 PM PT and November 22 at 3 PM PT, you should receive 20% of your Inksgiving contributions by mid December. 

For example, if you contributed a total of 1,000 drops of Ink, you will receive 200 drops of Ink back – which you can use to unlock episodes and support your favorite creators.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous support of the thousands of creators here on Tapas. Your kind messages and gifts have brought much joy to those who work hard to create your favorite stories for you. We hope you had an amazing time and are looking forward to an even grander Inksgiving next year!

Thank you,

Team Tapas

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