• Update Notice - Bundle Deals, Purchase of WUF episodes (App version 7.3.0 and above)

    Dec 06, 2023
1) Bundle deals are available on more series! 

Save up to 25%, all year long.

You can now get bundle deals for ALL premium (paid) & Wait-Until-Free series! 
Bundle deals are displayed only when 1-Tap is turned off. Disable 1-Tap to check out the bundle purchase options. 

2) Purchase WUF episodes with Ink

Purchase WUF episodes with Ink, and read them all over again whenever you want! If you’ve clicked ‘Don’t show again’ on the popup asking you to confirm unlocking with WUF, you must go to ‘Setting > General > WUF confirmation popup / Gift Pass confirmation popup,’ and turn on the popup to see the purchase options.

Above features are available on iOS app version 7.3.0 / Android app version 7.3.1 and above. To install the update, please click 'Update’ on the App Store/Google Play, or enable automatic updates.