• Update Notice (App version 7.4.0 and above)

    Mar 08, 2024
1) You can now purchase unlocked WUF episodes.
No more waiting until the WUF episode is relocked! You can now purchase the episode with Ink while it is unlocked.
(*This feature is only available on the app.) 

2) Bundle deal captions are updated (Next __ Eps -> __ Eps).
To guide our readers a little better, we’ve slightly revised how we present the bundle deal options.

Please be sure to check which exact episodes are about to be unlocked before completing your purchase.

3) WUF timer notifications will be sent out for each series. 
Previously, a standard notification was sent out once every 30 minutes for any and all new WUF episodes you can unlock. We are now sending out a separate notification for each series whenever your WUF countdown is complete and a new episode is ready to be unlocked. 
*More > Settings > Notifications > Wait timer reminders

4) Gift Pass expiration date has been adjusted to follow Pacific Time. 
The Gift Pass expiration date will now be based on Pacific Time (PT), to match the Ink expiration policy.
* This change only applies to the Gift Passes with an expiration date.

5) Minor bugs have been fixed. 
- You can now access unlisted series that you have previously purchased.  
- Daily tab: Titles at the bottom of the page will now load without any issue on Android tablet devices. 

Above features are available on iOS app version 7.4.0 / Android app version 7.4.1 and above. To install the update, go to the App Store/Google Play and tap Update, or enable automatic updates