• Update Notice (Website & App version 7.5.0 and above)

    Apr 15, 2024
1) A NEW WEBSITE (desktop/mobile) is arriving on April 15th!
Experience seamless reading and easier navigation on the website, offering a fresh new look matching the Tapas app! 

2) The main navigation bar will be rearranged. 
- As-is: Comics, Novels, Mature, Merch Shop, Discover
- To-be: Home, Comics, Novels, Community, Mature, More

- Home & Community tabs are being added. 
- Discover will be renamed as More. 
 ㄴ Find Merch Shop, Help & Discord, previously under the Profile button, all under More. 

3) The Community section is coming. 
Dive into the massive library of independent stories in the new Community section. Also, you can now find in Continue Reading the Community series you’ve been enjoying and stay up to date.