• Guest Post: VVBG Michi's Picks

    Apr 13, 2018

Guest posts are occasional articles written by members of the Tapas community. Our first guest post of the newsfeed is from Incubator Creator Michi of VVBG, the writer of Born Sexy Tomorrow, which will begin updating on April 14th, 2018.

Hello everybody! Michi here, the writer half of the creative duo VVBG! Today I’d love to share with you an incomplete list of some of my favorite comics on Tapas.

It’s an eclectic list that covers a broad range of my interests, with a description of what I love about each one.

And remember, this is a tiny selection of comics based on my personal tastes! There are 45,000 titles hosted on Tapas, with more uploaded every single day! There’s a whole world out there for you to explore...and I’ll be exploring, too!

Behind You by Brian Coldrick

You’re watching a horror movie, and the tense music begins to play. You know the monster is just around the corner. Your heart begins to thud in sympathetic palpitations for the main character - and you shout -

This comic is dread in a visual form. Each episode features a haunting illustration accompanied with a little blurb underneath to set the reader’s imagination racing. As the series continues, the updates are animated, so that the ghosts and ghoulies fade into your screen. The art is visually stunning, the writing clever and understated. Behind You is a series of single-serving chills, utilizing the digital medium to create an age-old feeling of terror. Just don’t read it while you’re alone at home…

Tags: Short story, horror (no gore or violence, just creepy eerie dread)

Camellia by Ladypcpx

This is a m/m tale set in ancient fantasy China. It starts out with a hungry young man who’s just trying to hunt down a beautiful chicken for dinner and it escalates quickly from there! Poor Baima just can’t catch a break.

I grew up on Chinese fantasy stories, so the very concept of this comic had me immediately excited. You’ll be captivated by Lady’s eye-catching use of color and charmed by her sense of humor. And boy, can she draw a beautiful chicken. (That’s not a metaphor for anything.) As the story goes on, the art takes a sharp turn into unexpected horror territory - filling the reader with intrigue as to what could possibly happen next!

Tags: m/m, ancient china, BL, nsfw, fantasy  

Decale by craicin

Do you need a smile? Do you want some good things in your life? Let Decale pirouette into your heart and waltz you away!

Decale is colorful, dynamic, full of delight! The art is expressive and vibrant. The characters leap off the page (and there haven’t even been any dance scenes yet!) You’ll laugh, you’ll be charmed, you’ll burst into song - the boys are back in tooownn ~

Tags: slice of life, romantic comedy, humor, characters of color, queer characters, (can I tag for pureness?), toblerones

Hexus Elegia by Zugaikotsu

The year is 1794, and 21-year-old Samuel Selden finds himself embroiled in demonic plots and ghastly events! Yet his fate seems strangely entwined with his troublesome (but handsome) rival Thomas Cavendish...

Hold my cane-sword and straighten my cravat, I’m in love! Demons, dark magic, lavish costumes and beautiful boys! All set in carefully researched 18th century England. Zuga’s art style reminds me of classic shoujo manga, which old-school fans will appreciate. But it is the arcane and gothic plot that entraps and enchants the reader. Not to mention the fluttering thrill of a historical romance…!

Tags: fantasy, horror, drama, m/m, historical romance, demons, BL

Thicker Than Blood  by Issy  

In the fantastic city of Pendulum, a Body Snatcher stalks the streets after dark, preying on young women and collecting grisly souvenirs. Golden-haired Salvador, Second Lieutenant of the Five Crowns, along with the cherubic rookie Judah, set out to solve this mystery, no matter the demons and perils that they will face to uncover the truth...

Let yourself fall under the intricate spell of Thicker Than Blood; a world where demons haunt the surrounding forests, evil lurks amongst the populace, and an order of gorgeous knights are sworn by blood to protect the city from ancient vampire lords. Issy’s art spills over the pages with delicate fluidity, so breathtakingly beautiful that you will be swept up in this gothic fantasy.

Although this comic has been canceled by the artist, it would be remiss of me not to recommend it. Please feel free to follow Issy’s twitter and patreon to show her your support, and encourage her in any future projects!

Tags: gothic fantasy, fantasy, mystery, horror elements

Laid in Lavender by Hal Weightman