• [Tapas Insider] Between Horror and Cute - Koolaid-Girl

    Jun 16, 2020

[Tapas Insider] Between Horror and Cute - Koolaid-Girl

When Dr. Jeremonth wakes from his nightmare, he does not yet realize the dark and twisted path that lies right before his feet. The world of “Living When Dead” is frighteningly dark yet stunningly colorful, heartbreakingly sad and incredibly funny. It is the world created by Koolaid-Girl, an artist of Native American descent who impresses with many unique talents and a fascinating story.

I first heard of Koolaid-Girl when our office worked on fan art for our 50k creator celebration. I was surprised that many of the staff members could draw, which was followed by my manager’s dry comment regarding the Tapas Team’s skill level:

He was right. 

Koolaid-Girl started her creative journey on days off from school at her mother’s workplace, when her mother let her use an old computer. “She let me get on there and play with MS Paint. I used a mouse for the first few years, up until about 2011,” Koolaid-Girl mentions casually, despite my gasps of surprise. “When comic markers would cost $7 a pop and with other traditional paint being incredibly expensive, being able to create for free on MS Paint was the way to go!”

Koolaid’s incredible MS Paint artwork can be found all over the internet, with speedpaints on Youtube and a very active and bright Instagram account just to name a few. MS Paint is a program that is very rarely used by artists due to its many limitations, but that clearly didn’t stop Koolaid-Girl from becoming a creator with a unique style and a color palette that not even a unicorn could create in its wildest fever dreams.