• [Tapas Insider] Quarantine at Tapas

    Jun 23, 2020

The year 2020 will stick in many of our minds as the year where a pandemic affected our collective lives dramatically and in many different ways. We had to rethink how we look at health and work - even how we wash our hands has changed! The long term effects are impossible to predict and we will be dealing with the aftermath for months and maybe even years to come.

At Tapas, we consider ourselves incredibly lucky. With nearly all of our work being conducted online, the team was able to switch seamlessly into Work From Home over 3 months ago. While it took some time getting used to not seeing each other on a daily basis, it is surprising how we, as well as millions around the world, have been able to adjust and accept the new normal.

We’re looking at the bright side of things whenever possible! Being quarantined is something we may never experience again (I hope!) and while the struggle is real, we experience moments of joy that make the situation more bearable.

Please enjoy some of our team’s favorite quarantine moments:

Hayden - Head of Production and Editorial

My puppy escaped lockdown leading to a full town-wide hound hunt only for him to be next door ;/. I also watched Jurassic Park like 10 times but that's not crazy. 

Artist rendition of what (probably) happened.

Jade - Localization Manager

My birthday was in June and I thought I'd celebrate with a quiet dinner with my family and some nice social media messages from friends, but my sister pulled a doozy on me— she organized a massive birthday puzzle scavenger hunt for me! It started when I stepped out of my room in the morning, and included a video message from my family and one from my friends. Everyone declared their love and appreciation for me (which made me cry), but my sister made me keep watching because hidden inside the video was clues to ANOTHER puzzle. I spent the rest of the day crying and so grateful that everyone adapted to these times with just overwhelming creativity and with love. It made me believe in humanity, for at least another day. :)

Stephanie - Content Acquisition Manager

The mysterious neighborhood cat came to bless my front door for the first time in a million years but I was in a meeting.

Stephanie’s mysterious feline visitor

Tara - Sr. Content Project Manager

I went to my first Zoom wedding! My former roommates got married yesterday — to each other — after dating for a dozen years. His mom officiated and his 90-year-old grandmother even joined from the UK. There were over 160 guests who wished the happy couple well. 

Chang - CEO

Covid means back to back calls while the kids are also at home. During one of my conference calls at home, my son forgot to close the bathroom door and flushed the toilet -- I'm sure everyone on the call heard the sound, thinking I was one of those jerks who sh*ts during a call…

Artist rendition of the fateful day

Cain - Product Operations Manager (POM wei wei wei)

  1. A lot of random antisocial behaviors that I thought I would never use again, have been used. For example: Our small family would buy 2 - 3 weeks worth of food just to avoid going outside around a week before and after specific holidays. (Mostly to avoid drunk/bad/panicked drivers.) 

  1. Some of my Germaphobic tendencies, that I have been repressing for most of my life, have been resurrected from their graves.

Cain’s Germaphobic tendencies make a return!

  1. This one feels a little selfish and I'll admit to that. I work remotely near Chicago, and I'm a huge anti-social hermit. Before Covid-19 I stayed home all the time, only ever going outside on the weekend once or twice for a bit of shopping. Once our area went into lockdown not much changed in my day to day. A couple weeks into the lockdown suddenly started to feel a strange sense of relief. After some thinking I realized it was because the pressure to go outside and be social was gone and my hermit tendencies was finally, and socially, acceptable. Encouraged even.

  1. I was surprised our huge grocery store ran out of starch, specifically. All the rice, potatoes, bread and even tortillas! Gone. Vanished!

Tessa - Managing Editor

Our building is small, so my roommates and our neighbors formed a quaranteam together. After a particularly long day a few weeks into quarantine, our neighbors rushed into our apartment, yelled, "DANCE PARTY. ROOF. NOW!" and ran out. What else were we going to do? We all slammed our laptops shut and rushed up to dance like crazy to the sunset. Best day of quarantine.