• player one

    by Asher

    Brought from the Wattpad, 'RealSirenCall,' the story of Mazie and Caleb comes to Tapastic! Mazie and Caleb are twins who have wasted their days awa...

    teen_fiction, Slice of life

  • Natural Born Killers: Book 2 'A Killer Amongst Us' Series

    by Naakaree

    A Sequal to 'A Killer Amongst Us'. When Silas goes in search of his mother 20 years after being abandoned by her in an Arizona hospital, he didn't ...

    Teen_Fiction, Mystery

  • When Dawn Comes

    by Currently Dead

    They say you're soulmate completes you. They enhance the best qualities in you and they compliment you. They love you like no other and they brighten ...

    Teen_Fiction, BL

  • Malaya of the Stars

    by Mar.Fu.

    Osreon is split into two factions--the Military and the rebellions. Malaya Castel, a young sea merchant who is ignorant and indifferent to the state o...

    Teen_Fiction, Fantasy

  • Rise of Legends Online

    by 585KHA

    Tokyo, Japan. February 28, 2050. Loading....loading...... 20%...50%.....70%....100%...... Log In Complete...... Welcome to Rise of Legends On...

    teen_fiction, Science fiction


    by Natalie

    A romatic, eye-opening tale of a young girl who is struggling to accept herself for who she is

    Teen_Fiction, Slice of life

  • The First Episode

    by claireviolet82

    The story about the Teen Rebels begins when Josie Stebbins (a rebellious teenager) befriends two unpopular kids named Moira Downing and Seth Burke. Sh...

    Teen_Fiction, Slice of life

  • The Dancer

    by Saint Caliendo

    Oliver is a dancer. He's been dancing all his life and striving towards becoming a professional has always been his focus. Complications with his ...

    Teen_Fiction, BL

  • It started with her

    by Theorida

    [REPUBLISHED] It's not every day that your entire life turns upside down the moment you begin to care about someone, unfortunately, it's what happens...

    Teen_Fiction, Drama, Slice of life

  • Sealed with a Kiss

    by 4830824

    When Mia Valentine is unceremoniously cheated on and dumped by her boyfriend Max, Mia is determined to make him jealous. When her roommate suggests sh...

    Teen_Fiction, Romance

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