• The Masked Guardian

    by tanaw

    The legend of the guardians have been passed down through the ages, and since their disappearance, have long since been forgotten. Or have they? Pleas...

    chinese, Fantasy

  • My Chinese is no good ...

    by Sasha Mutch

    A short comic about what it's like to study abroad in China.

    chinese, Slice of life

  • Tiny Eyes Comics

    by Tiny Eyes Comics

    Big world through tiny Chinese eyes

    chinese, Slice of life

  • Aum Records

    by 69Erocento

    After losing everything in an unfortunate turn of events, a young Zhu is saved by the dragon Yilin. Seeking vengeance for the tragedy that befell him,...

    chinese, Fantasy

  • Shadow Slayer

    by Yuzki

    The daughter of a fugitive raised by an assassin in the world of martial arts. A prince raised in the cruelty of the court. A tale of love, woes and b...

    chinese, Romance, Action, Drama

  • A Handful of Petals

    by snowswallow_

    The day-to-day stories of a forest spirit in love with a human man. Magic meets the ordinary in this modern fantasy slice-of-life series. A Handful of...

    chinese, Romance, LGBTQ+, Slice of life


    by pandascannotfly

    The South Korean paparazzi website, RUMOR, posts exclusive images of the inner idol and celebrity world. Shocking many fans and angering tabloids acro...

    chinese, Romance

  • Four

    by PlumLi

    A mysterious ghost haunts Hong Kong. No one knows who it once was or what it wants, only that it’s face resembles the Chinese character four (四).

    chinese, Mystery

  • Dusk's Song

    by suzsinhell

    Poor Dusk is destined to live in the shadow of her beautiful and talented older twin sister Dawn. Loved by all, Dawn is about to embark on a treme...

    chinese, Fantasy

  • Black Jade

    by Anna Mao

    A mysterious stranger molds a young girl into an assassin. When she becomes 18 years old, she is given the mission to eliminate a formidable traitor, ...

    chinese, GL, LGBTQ+, Action

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