• The Little Trashmaid

    by s0s2

    Short comic strips of a mermaid in modern days~

    comic_strips, Comedy

  • Death & the Maiden

    by J. van Santen

    A deadly unserious comic about a dead girl's everyday life after death. By the way: We're falling behind here on Tapas. For fresh episodes check out @...

    comic_strips, Comedy

  • Ayumi's Tiger

    by Moo

    Angry is a stuffed tiger who is always trying his best despite constant failure. His friend, Ayumi, is an optimistic girl with an eye for practicality...

    comic_strips, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Nerd’s World

    by NerdyComics

    Nerd, A Typical guy with typical needs. He explores the outside world with his buddy and partner in crime, Jack. Together, Jack and Nerd have wacky an...

    comic_strips, Comedy

  • Amphibious Comic

    by Emcarrs

    Welcome to Amphibious comics! It's part diary comic, part word play, part stupid observations. I am 25 and suffering! rt if you're also 25 and sufferi...

    comic_strips, Comedy

  • Candace 'n' Company

    by Jordan Smith

    Meet Candace, a friendly young lady fresh out of college! Follow along as she wages her daily battles against boredom at the office, a lazy roommate w...

    comic_strips, Comedy

  • Rewrite

    by Reveal 드러내다

    Reclusive young Era Vanaura and her friends Karo and Cawdigon live in a world within the mysterious Library, a infinite and sentient structure that ha...

    comic_strips, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Water Lily High

    by Sarah T

    An ongoing comic series with short and funny episodes about a group of highschoolers in the supernatural town of Water Lily California! Updates eve...

    comic_strips, Slice of life, Comedy

  • My Days in My Life

    by snapeyaoilover

    Just random snippets of everyday life of me, my nerdy hubby and my own wacky family Updates every Saturday (or whenever I'm free and have enough co...

    comic_strips, Drama, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Jean-Luc and Joey Comics!

    by Jean-Luc Ottey

    It's the comedy stylings of a fox and a rabbit that happen to be brothers. It makes no sense. In fact, its a crime against nature! Their slapstick ...

    comic_strips, Comedy

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