• The Pepper Chronicles

    by Anna-Maria Jung

    Updates Mondays! Looks cute, but has some pretty naughty humor & bloody murder! Synopsis: The Pepper Chronicles is a 200 page, full color graph...

    european, Fantasy

  • My sort of Second Life

    by KuroTorii

    Aviyona’s dreams aren’t your typical "I-forgot-my-pants" variety. When she closes her eyes, she is whisked away to another world; a place full of love...

    european, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • The Hawk's Song

    by KirieSempai

    The beginning of XVII century, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. After the death of the father, the Wielecki's family inherited the debt. Lech, the only...

    european, Drama, Slice of life

  • Born Lycan

    by Moriegar

    The town is searching a girl named Martha disappeared in the forest days ago. Finn offers himself with a few others as a volunteers to search her but ...

    european, LGBTQ+, Mystery, Fantasy

  • The One That Got Away

    by Holy Konni

    A young girl is hit hard by a breakup.

    european, Mystery

  • Unknown Spirits

    by Mad Pigeon

    K, a girl who suffers from amnesia, and Braslav, young and talented warrior, embark on the journey through the dangerous World, searching for ancient ...

    european, Fantasy

  • Derose.

    by Bibhisoka

    July, 24 of 1847 Jacqueline Derose, a young seamstress, finds that her family was for centuries haunted by a curse, the one which killed her mother w...

    european, Drama

  • Tutki World Class

    by Qrjusz

    facebook.com/TutkiWebcomic/ Some random comics, sometimes funny, sometimes touching, sometimes nuts: always full of our thrilling adventures!

    european, Slice of life

  • Birch Manor

    by Glaceative

    Family is in danger of losing it all when their father falls ill and none of the siblings can inherit their estate, but can the oldest sibling save he...

    european, Romance, Drama, Comedy

  • BWOK!

    by eargrass

    A story about a girl and a chicken. /Written in European Portuguese as I'm trying to learn the language and figured making a simple comic might hel...

    european, Slice of life

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