• Unfamiliar

    by Haley Newsome

    Little witch Planchette is tired of living in the suburbs, so when she sees a great deal on a house in a magical town, she takes it! The only problem?...

    familiar, Fantasy

  • Devil-Me

    by Poochigo

    Tajima, an unfortunate boy living under unfortunate circumstances, meets a mischievous sadistic little devil (Kai) who has been sealed-away. Delighted...

    familiar, Fantasy

  • Familiar (Complete)

    by Sharkhette

    A young man finds an injured cat in his garden; one-sided conversations and magic ensue. New 4-page episode every Saturday morning through October, f...

    familiar, Fantasy

  • Amara: Witch In Training

    by BeeDrawsComics

    ♥ Amara, a "witch in training" as she likes to call herself, has just made it into her dream school, Kikarry School For Witches. There she will meet n...

    familiar, Fantasy

  • Familiar Love

    by PurpleDmon

    A tale of a cold-hearted witch and his fiery familiar. When a boy has nowhere else to go- he chooses to rely on a witch who's rumored to live deep ...

    familiar, BL, Fantasy, Drama

  • ReForget

    by muralov

    A witch named Aera and her familiars, Sinna, Beni, and Cyril, are called upon to protect their home world, Amaranth, from the demon world attacking th...

    familiar, Fantasy

  • Illuminate

    by Dink

    A child <ahem> teenage mage in danger of being swallowed by a demon seeks the help of a washed-up wizard. Can he help? Will he? As the wizard's dark p...

    familiar, Fantasy

  • Kri: The Unseen Essence

    by KriComic

    The story of a young man named Felix who, after hitting his head and waking up in the hospital, learns that everyone has a second soul called a "Kri" ...

    familiar, Fantasy

  • Beyond dreams

    by CathyG

    Ever wondered how dreams could completely affect your real life? Caroline has never been interested in anyone except her best friend but she finds h...

    familiar, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

  • Catalyst

    by SophiaCraft101

    Alexander has always been know for his short-temper and stoic nature. Elizabeth is far from social and quick to shoot down others. Now add some supern...

    familiar, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

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