• Circus Pulex Irritans

    by kathi.neto

    BUY THE PRINTED VERSION HERE: http://www.freibeutershop.de/index.php?cPath=9_159 (German only, sorry) Rosi is the director of a flea circus. Alth...

    freaks, Horror

  • Freaks

    by Jay Layne

    Flint Roberts returns to the place he'd hoped to never call home again. As he tries to maintain a perilous balance between right and wrong, he finds t...

    freaks, Action

  • 5737

    by Savanna Whitlock

    In the year 5737, teenagers have powers, and they're targets in a city-wide hunt for their lives. 5737 is a fantasy/sci-fi story about friendship, acc...

    freaks, Fantasy

  • Pop "Cultured"

    by Mike Bonales

    Graphic humor about series and movies from pop culture: series, films, comics…

    freaks, Comedy


    by rosie

    Billions of years ago, The Elements formed life as we know it. Now, they take on a much smaller scale: the lives of six teenagers. You thought teenage...

    freaks, Fantasy

  • Traveling Secrets

    by ChristinaTheHorrible

    Penny lives in a circus, literally. She and her mom run the psychic readings tent.

    freaks, Romance


    by WHEAT


    freaks, Fantasy

  • Freaks of Nature(s)

    by Neptuu

    A half-demon and a human boy aren't exactly the best at magic, but they'll have to get good at it if they want to save the school.

    freaks, Fantasy

  • Ghost Freaks

    by Lame2882

    Rei woke up one day with no memory of who he is. Can Cole and his friends help Rei remember?

    freaks, Horror, Mystery, Comedy

  • Mr.Mask's Freaks

    by boredmask

    Do you know what drives someone to the point of insanity, where they can't do anything to help others or themselves? Mr.Mask has been asking himself ...

    freaks, Horror

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