• Devil's Acres

    by Ratique

    A young woman follows the bloody trail of a brutal serial killer. She will find him and stop him - or she will be his next victim. Updates every W...

    heroine, Romance, Mystery, Science fiction

  • Devil's Acres - Mobile

    by Ratique

    Enjoy the Devil's Acres story in a mobile friendly, scrolling format. This comic will be updated slowly, please see the main story for the newest pag...

    heroine, Romance, Mystery, Science fiction

  • Death & the Maiden

    by J. van Santen

    A deadly unserious comic about a dead girl's everyday life after death. By the way: We're falling behind here on Tapas. For fresh episodes check out @...

    heroine, Comedy

  • Magience

    by Faewild

    "Magience" was a new video game, one you could play while awake OR asleep thanks to an innovative headset. No one was quite sure the exact technology ...

    heroine, Fantasy

  • The Origin Story

    by CarolinReich

    You already know storys of chosen ones? Well, Cosima does too! That's why she sends the weirdo, thinking of himself as a mage and talking about an...

    heroine, Fantasy

  • Sophie the Giantslayer

    by Kay Carmichael

    Sophie the Giant-Slayer is a black and white adventure comic about a little girl fighting giants.

    heroine, Fantasy

  • Haruka: Origin

    by Sek

    Humanity made its decision, now look at the state of our world. You did this. This is a 13 episode mini-series previewing the upcoming reboot of...

    heroine, Horror

  • Neon Rabbit

    by WakaXO

    What would you do if one day while going about your everyday life, you suddenly developed superpowers after a serious head wound? This is the question...

    heroine, Science fiction

  • Acroalis

    by Guilherme Junior

    Acroalis is a fantasy world in which everyone has been living peacefully. that is, until two meteors landed. the people of Acroalis ignored them, t...

    heroine, Gaming, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Undercover geek

    by velist

    Scarred from her past experience, Niki, Hides that she loves anime, kpop and different variations of fiction. Her life goes peacefully , Until her cru...

    heroine, Romance

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