• The Masked Girl

    by Ariistra

    Paige Gail is 17-year-old girl. Her life was laid down before her before she was even born, by her parents. She became a model of the most popular com...

    hidden, Romance

  • Hidden WithIn

    by TwistedAmy

    Updates every last Friday of the month! Humans, Vampires, Werebeast's, Witches and who know what else. We all know the stories of Vampires, were...

    hidden, Drama, Fantasy

  • M&M

    by ewwtheoutsideworld

    Matthew, Axel, Leon, Ryan, and Noah are all normal buds, until one guy comes in and uncovers some long held secrets, romance am I right?

    hidden, LGBTQ+, Action, Romance

  • See You In The Moon

    by RadioNoiz

    {Iridescence Book 1: See You In The Moon} There was nothing to prepare us for what we would have to do next. Nothing to even give a hint. The teach...

    hidden, BL, Action, Science fiction

  • thisthat

    by chris

    this is this. that is that. mixing is impossible in this world. it can only make change. but, they'll active it all. **Two of the upcoming characte...

    hidden, Slice of life

  • Hidden Power Español

    by banart25

    esta obra cuenta la historia de Eli, el “unico” hibridó vivo de kiolos y humanos, una raza la cual los humanos decidimos invadir para nuestra propia p...

    hidden, Action, Comedy, Science fiction