• Things in Squares

    by Cale

    A conglomeration of comics that do not cater to a specific audience. Humor is violently varied. I welcome you all!

    lmao, Comedy

  • Will Draw for Food

    by Jim Shaw

    A comic about being an artist and other socio-cultural commentary. [UPDATES: Tuesdays and Thursdays]

    lmao, Comedy

  • Slice of What?

    by FloorLego

    Learn about how Lego lives through their day. Go on a soul search for their morning breakfast. What? I don't eat breakfast? New comics come out Tuesd...

    lmao, Comedy

  • Slippery When Wet

    by Daryl Wastes Time

    Summer break, Pools and water! Alec and his best friend, Celeste, decided to take a trip to his father's work, but strange things happen when they...

    lmao, Action

  • Bullshit at Mamaks

    by Alice

    Just your ordinary artist trying to get through life trying to not embarrass herself, but somehow failing always. Sometimes sad, but mostly just happy...

    lmao, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Oh, Suncake

    by RatPowers

    Samson (Chih-Hsu), is in his final year of university. There he meets Finn, a gay man heavily in the closet due to his incredibly homophobic father. D...

    lmao, BL

  • KaiKai's Sketchbook

    by Kaisto

    Hai, it's Kai! This is my new lil sketchbook! Follow if you'd like. This will be sketches, art dumps, and traditional art♥♥ That calendar thing will p...

    lmao, Comedy

  • Red is the colour of heroes

    by Demonic Egg

    Join me in my everyday life filled with weird and funny scenarios

    lmao, Comedy

  • ????? hah a

    by EggToast

    i'll use this comic to post doodle from my comics and keep you guys updated on said comics !! ye a here we go

    lmao, Comedy

  • Everyday life of a Eutopian.

    by TheHelmetGuy

    A parody to the original project The Perfect Eutopians. This is a series of nonsensical mayhem the household has to go through on a daily basis.

    lmao, Comedy

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