• Would I Lie To You?

    by kogla

    Young Loki woke up in a strange place surrounded by strange people he never meets before or did he? Now he tries to find out what happened to him and ...

    loki, Romance

  • Realmwalker

    by stargazer31

    Gunhild Gretadottir is the Realmwalker- Asgard's backup human warrior. 2 years after the events of Realmwalker: Chronicles of Asgard, she is invited t...

    loki, Action, GL, Fantasy

  • Crows and the Beef

    by Goat

    Sandwiches, the supernatural, sarcasm and more. Updates sometimes.

    loki, Slice of life

  • postragnarok

    by Lerno

    ...Helheim Correction Facility wasn't so bad after all. Baldr Odinson was imprisoned by mistake, soon he got along with Hel, head of the prison. He ...

    loki, Action

  • NORSE!

    by pearlpugly

    Ragnarök is water under the bridge and the Gods are rising again! As full time parents, and mead brewers and professors...?? Come and follow the God ...

    loki, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • LOKI

    by heitoramatsu


    loki, Drama

  • Loki'd

    by Dani Reu

    Ok. So. I've seen a ton of Marvel Loki FanFictions on sites like this one, but I've had this idea for a while and thought, 'Hey, why not?' This is ...

    loki, Comedy

  • Misc. Comic strips

    by TAMAnnoying

    Stuff that didn't make it into the comics or background funnies

    loki, Comedy

  • Jaquie November and The Spookiness

    by Veni Mortem

    A weekly comic following a group of paranormal investigators as they seek the unknown, running into every myth and monster along the way! Birthed from...

    loki, Horror

  • Mythic Mix Up

    by Gen-os

    Norse Mythology is kinda sketchy... so why not make Asgardians Centaurs? Join the Norse Gods in their myths and maybe others!

    loki, Fantasy

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