• the hand I can't hold

    by ShinMeiko

    Will just moved to a new school. Just late enough in the year that people would notice him, just late enough so it would be awkward. Behind, he left ...

    loss, BL, Romance, Drama


    by lisadorina

    This is a spin-off to my ongoing webcomic "Green&Gold" (also on Tapas), featuring grown up Henry. Genre: Drama, LGBTQ, Romance Age: 16+ recommende...

    loss, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Memories Of Amisi

    by Potchimew

    Woken up with a lost memory and no idea who or where she comes from, Amisi sets off on a journey to find herself while simultaneously getting caught u...

    loss, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • Spring Rain

    by Alene

    How do you measure loss? How do you measure love? For David, life means finding the sun after the rain. Updates Daily at 6:00 pm EST until 1/21/1...

    loss, Drama

  • The After Effect

    by D. E. Mills

    After Alice goes out of her way to help a stranded young girl she finds herself swept up into an unhealthy environment she had been protected from for...

    loss, Drama

  • Shade Touched

    by Zat

    A monster is born in the depths of the wilds, but she's a little different from her siblings. She looks upon the world and finds wonder and awe in wha...

    loss, Fantasy, Action, Slice of life

  • All The More Reason

    by June D. Silver

    One night. That was all it took for Senn Reyes' life to change drastically--and permanently.

    loss, LGBTQ+

  • Memory of

    by Iron

    The story revolves around Artur who suffers from severe memory disorder/ memory loss which leads him to living secluded life.

    loss, Slice of life

  • Cyan

    by Arturo

    Disconnected from the rest, Cyan's only comfort is to send one-sided messages to a distant friend whose influence in her life is only matched by its u...

    loss, Science fiction

  • Dual

    by Winter Penwell

    In Hazel’s world, duality is a common condition, and her boyfriend happens to have it. Mark Chen is a dual. Some days, his otherself—Allen—wakes up ...

    loss, Romance

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