• The Crown Prince

    by Drifterdraws

    Despite the strict social stigmas that prevent royalty and commoners from fraternizing, a crown prince and a kitchen servant's lives become intertwine...

    medieval_fantasy, LGBTQ+

  • Death Crusade

    by Krumparrian

    //ON HIATUS//In a world drenched in filth, only the heroes swathed in the darkness may put a stop to the onslaught of beasts and undead across the Chr...

    medieval_fantasy, Fantasy

  • Oh, Fortuna!

    by Ash Wood

    A transfigured sorceress, a musical vagabond and a very strange bird are stuck travelling together across a magical war torn kingdom; Fate is definite...

    medieval_fantasy, Fantasy

  • Draan Lennart Askeladd

    by Maegnick

    .Follow the mysterious story of a wild child through dark fantasy antique ages.

    medieval_fantasy, Fantasy

  • Hellbound

    by MaxRoseActual

    Hellbound is a gritty, dark-fantasy that tells the journeys of two individuals. The first, Ellian Fraust, a demon-hunter who is cursed to bear the ...

    medieval_fantasy, Fantasy


    by tatii

    Hidden in the depths of the forest there are secrets that shouldn't be found. Now Keeda founds her destiny might be sealed forever. With little hopes ...

    medieval_fantasy, Fantasy

  • Dear Queen

    by Christa

    After an attack against the Crown Prince, Raine's brother Adrian is summoned back to the capital to become the head of the royal guard, leaving his si...

    medieval_fantasy, Fantasy

  • The Piemaker's Daughter

    by KaaChan

    Once Upon a Time, an unknown monster threatened the lives of the people of Sylvestra. To the surprise of everyone, the monster was defeated by three c...

    medieval_fantasy, Fantasy

  • A Tale

    by Hariina

    Lily is a small gnome girl from a family of tinkerers. Nardhall is a little red dragonborn, living in hiding deep inside the forest. When they meet, t...

    medieval_fantasy, Drama, Fantasy

  • Buas

    by arifrwinandar

    In a world of gigantic and dangerous creatures, an adventurous hunter travels from place to place and makes a living out of hunting animals. She has a...

    medieval_fantasy, Action, Fantasy

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